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Washi Tape

A place to enjoy tasty, healthy and sustainable fresh food.

This space is for everyone to share inspiration, life stories and heart-projects.

We are building a community built on love and compassion for this planet.

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A café with healthy and sustainable offerings on Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Like-minded people should be able to connect and exchange energy. Outside opening hours, the space will be rented to external parties to offer various activities that benefit the community and local culture.


To care for eachother and for the planet earth. To contribute with regional, seasonal, healthy and fresh food with offerings of vegan and vegetarian options. This place supports, reinforces and connects people. We encourage a sustainable and collaborative lifestyle.


We are Andrea Gimmi and Daniela Mäder from Switzerland. We want to drive this project because we see the potential in everyone. Our vision is to share a space that touches the heart so every individual can shine even brighter.

Our vision

We were dreaming of a place with a café, offering delicious and beautiful food, contributing to our values such as healthy, sustainable, regional and seasonal - made with lot's of passion and love. Connecting people from heart to heart, offering their souls a rest and nutrition, as well to their bodies and minds.

Eventually this dream is coming true.

One day we were sitting in our favourite place on Isla Mujeres, the idea was born. Working on the concept, looking for places and talking to people, the dream becomes more and more concrete, the place tangible. Sharing the idea with others, our heart-project becomes bigger and step by step real, already connecting people and offering our beautiful and creative souls to collaborate with their qualities.

Let's connect

Thank you so much for visiting our page and for sharing our passion for this project.

The project is just getting started. If you would like to know more, support and/or invest, we are happy to connect.

Soon we will open our doors for you! Please connect with us, so we can share news.

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with Love,

Andrea & Daniela